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Espresso Roast

All About Espresso

Like roasting, brewing supreme espresso is part science, part art. Espresso is a European tradition that became popular in America about a decade ago. We personally remember knowing we were in a great restaurant if, back then, we could get a cup of espresso after a meal. Today, it's much different. Espresso is everywhere and enjoyed daily by thousands. In essence, we pay homage to our overseas friends each time we enjoy coffee in its truest form.

Espresso: The Real Deal

Coffee connoisseurs generally consider espresso the ultimate coffee experience and appreciate its rich, sharp, heavy and often caramel like taste. But, straight up espresso is so unlike a cup of drip coffee, it's often considered to be an "acquired" taste. Although espresso is more often consumed in "bar" drinks such as lattes and mochas now, it's still highly respected no matter which form it's consumed in.

What many don't know is that espresso contains less caffeine than a lighter roast coffee. The essence of the espresso flavor is found in the delicate oils hidden within the bean. During roasting process, the beans physical and chemical structure changes, bringing the aromatic oils and sugars to the surface. So, the longer and darker the roast, the more oils and sugars are released which brings with it a richer and darker flavor - almost caramel like. If you've ever seen a freshly roasted espresso bean, it was likely glistening with those lovely bean oils.

Peaberry Coffee offers two great espressos, each with characteristics you should taste and compare.

Peaberry's Espresso Milano is more mild and sweet than Peaberry's Espresso Italian Style and perfect for sipping. We believe Italian Style is perfect for bar drinks. For those of you who prefer decaf, we offer the terrific Peaberry's Espresso decaf. It has great flavor and none of the buzz.

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