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Coffee Roast

From All Over the World

In the world of internationally traded commodities, coffee is second only to oil in dollar volume. So, as you can imagine, the economic health of many nations rests on their coffee production.

Although some magnificent coffee trees are grown in Hawaii, most coffee that's consumed by Americans is imported. Major US importers include: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kenya and Yemen, among others. What's interesting is that all coffee is grown between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

For over a decade Peaberry Coffee has not only created great coffee, but also created solid relationships with many of the finest and most respected growers and importers in the world. You can taste our dedication, and theirs in every cup.

The Roast

To achieve distinct flavors is the job of the Master Roaster. The Master Roaster knows just how to bring out the bean's distinctive flavors of regional coffee varieties. This is the goal. The ideal roast fully develops the character of each individual variety of coffee. When skillfully performed, the roasting can change the bean's chemical composition and releases the oils that give each coffee variety its unique flavor qualities. These olis also release the irresistible smell we all know and love. The longer and darker the roast, the more oil is released and pushed toward the surface of the bean.

Peaberry Coffee's Master Roaster uses a 1927 Probat roaster from Germany to roast small batches of green beans for various lenghts of time - depending upon the bean's region of orgin. Then, when the coffee reaches a peak shade of darkness, the Master Roaster quickly air-cools the beans, halting the roasting process.

Roasting Facts

When a bean has been roasted for a while, it begins to swell and loose moisture. Beans roasted to Full City may loose up to 20 percent of their total weight. Lighter roasts lose 12 to 16 percent of their mass in roasting. Please remember that darker doesn't mean stronger in terms of beans. In fact darker roasts produce beans with less caffeine than lighter roasts. The longer and slower the roast, the heartier the flavor. Most roasts take less that twenty minutes to achieve perfection. Among the roasts Peaberry Coffee uses are:

Types of Roasts

Full City Roast: the bean has a dark brown color and oil free surface.

Vienna Roast: the bean's dark brown color and slightly oily surface give a distinct taste.

Italian Roast: the bean is very dark brown in color and the surface is oily, producing a smoky and bittersweet aftertaste.

French Roast: the bean has a dark bittersweet taste and a very oily surface that's almost black.

While light roasts highlight acidity and sourness, the Full City Roast, for example, balances acidity and sweetness, bringing out the full range of flavors present in arabica beans.


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